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Tuval üzeri yağlı boya, 100x100 cm, Çerçevesiz


The artist was born in Ankara in 1962.  Between 1982 and 1983, he was a student of Turan Erol at the School of Political Sciences, Press and Broadcasting.  From 1986 to 1990, he followed trainings at the Oya Kınıklı and Esat Arpacı workshops in the Department of Painting - Business Education at Gazi University.  In 1993, He was the art consultant of ITU Evi Art Gallery.  During this period, The artist has painted Portraits of Atatürk, portraits of different state administrators, personal portraits and also wall paintings. Owing to these experiences in this field, in 1997 he came to the fore with his exhibition "We are Mustafa Kemal", the "World's First Great Personal Painting Exhibition", consisting of 8 portraits of Atatürk in 10 x 15 meters covering the facades of highrise buildings in Kızılay Square.  In 2007, he was involved  in project of "Train stations are illustrated" organized by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.  In 2010, he took a leading  part at "A Plastic Arts Painting Exhibition" taking place in  Painting and Sculpture Museum. Throughout his art life, The artist has been reflecting periodically different subjects in his paintings . In his current piece of arts , he portrays contemporary Turkish women in the 1970s with historical structures.  He has been participating in many solo and group exhibitions. The artist continues to take part in many workshops, juries and talks.  His works places in various institutions and private collections in Turkey and abroad. He is a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association